Welcome to Chatterson Farms!

Chatterson Farms is a family owned sustainable farm located on 5 acres in beautiful Clermont Florida. We produce fruits, vegetables and fish together in a closed symbiotic environment…a growing method known as aquaponics. In this method, the fish provide the nutrients for the plants and in turn the plants clean the water for the fish.

Creating and maintaining this closed ecosystem allows us to grow highly nutritious vegetables along with a lean source of protein (fish) while using only 5% of the water that a traditional terrestrial farm would use. We believe this is the future of farming and are proud to be on the forefront of this emerging agricultural industry!

We plan to start selling produce to restaurants and directly to local families late in 2012. The produce will be “Fresh From Clermont” and generally picked the morning of purchase.

Be sure to check back frequently for updates on the construction of the greenhouse, pictures of some of the exceptional produce I am currently growing and pricing of our vegetable packages.